Pet Neutering – Dog & Cat

Pet neutering is something you should strongly consider when looking to buy or adopt a pet. There are numerous health benefits for your dog or cat as well as helping reduce unwanted pet behaviours. Pet neutering is a responsible step as a dog or cat owner.

All neutering operations are carried out under general anaesthetic and animals recover within weeks.

Neutering for Male Dogs and Cats

Male dogs can be neutered from 6 months old onwards, kittens mature very early so the procedure can be done from 4 months onwards. If you adopt a cat later in their life, it is good to know the surgery can be performed at any age. The recovery time is usually 5-7 days depending on the breed.

Benefits of Pet Neutering

  • Castration prevents the risk of impregnating females
  • Prevents the risk of testicular tumours and prostatic problems
  • Reduces hypersexual behaviour, such as mounting/humping
  • Can reduce aggression displays to other male dogs

Neutering/Spaying for Female Dogs and Cats

Female Pet Neutering or Spaying can be completed around 6 months old, or after their first season. This is a slightly more complex operation so requires a longer time to heal. They need to rest for at least two weeks with consistent pain relief.

Benefits of Female Neutering/Spaying

  • Spaying female dogs prevent the risk of unwanted pregnancy and phantom pregnancies
  • Prevents risk associated with mammary tumour and uterus infections

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