The Outline Of This

Straight up, this is not a direct vs fight, the purpose of this is just to high light the differences between live music and recorded music. Although the song is in no way referencing this topic, the U2 a live wedding music band vs digital or vinyl prerecordssong “Even better than the real thing” always conjured up thoughts of “is there better than live?”. We start by saying this is not intended to fire up a flame war, audiophiles & musicians, put away your fighting trousers and just enjoy some thoughts on the topic. So grab a beverage of some sort and read on my good person as we go through how a live wedding band performing can be preferred over a vinyl edition of the seminal Tiny Tim’s classic Living In The Sunlight.

The Recorded Version

Some people are massive fans of all music pre recorded, this comes about from the effort that goes into the recording of these materials. The musicians are in the studio for weeks, possibly months getting the instruments to sound right, testing, testing, testing till everything comes together in a glorious wall of sound. This form of sound is free from outside interferences like crowd participation, external influences, acoustics, ETC. When this is finished, sound engineering completed and so on, this is then applied to a format. This is where things could get interesting, as there are arguments for what format is best to listen to recordings on. Vinyl is a firm favourite for many people, and it looks to be making a great come back in recent years, while others would tread the more recently trodden path of favouring the digital format such as MP3, FLAC, AIFF and other digital formats. This would be an article for next time.

The Other Version – A Live Wedding Music Band Over Pre recorded?

If you have ever been to a gig, you should know that some times the band playing don’t always…. sound that great. It is a far cry from the finished piece you get pre recorded, but while some folks would argue that this could be the ‘worst’ gig they have ever been to, isn’t this where live and pre recorded part company and go their separate ways? The live camp would argue the case for live music, in that isn’t this the point of live music? seeing how an artist performs in front of their fans, the emotion of seeing your idol playing your favourite songs live, the emotion you feel when you and hundreds, if not thousands of other fans sing along to the well known ditties? sharing a moment in time with a bunch of strangers in a crowd all unified over this one bonding moment could be described as a quite emotional experience. Either way you love your music, it can be a diversive or unifying thing, but the be all end all is music is a driving force that can change your mood, make or break your day, and ultimately help people form friend ships. 🙂

To finish this, please enjoy Tiny Tim’s Living In The Sunlight;

Apologies for that, this one;