Dog Vaccinations

There are lots of diseases in the UK that can affect dogs if they have not had their vaccinations. Dog vaccinations are the only way to ensure your dog is protected.

A dog with his tongue out

How often does my dog have to be vaccinated?

Most dog vaccinations need to be carried out regularly for them to be effective. Most are yearly, some can be every 3 to 4 years. Your vet will be able to advise you on as and when each dog vaccination must be administered.

A puppy will automatically have immunity, that has been passed over from its mother’s milk. The immunity will not last long though which is why vaccinations are necessary.

Diseases that must be vaccinated against

There are many diseases that dogs need to be protected against. Things such as canine parvovirus, this is a disease that can potentially be fatal. Kennel cough is another disease that dogs can catch and pass onto other dogs. Canine distemper is another usually fatal disease that dogs are susceptible to. Another fatal disease that your dog will need protection from is infectious hepatitis.

Contact your vet

A vet will be able to tell you which dog vaccinations are required, and when. Some veterinary practices will offer package deals to make the dog vaccinations more affordable.

If a dog has not been vaccinated regularly it at risk of picking up something that could have been avoided. As a responsible dog owner, it is your responsibility to make sure for your dog and other dogs that he is protected. It is not law to have your dog vaccinated, vets do say that it is the pet owner’s decision as to whether they do this or not.