Music is an extremely powerful tool in life, it defines culture and tastes, it forces emotions on us and allows us to bond and connect to the sounds and rhythm. These are made alive by the instruments used, why not learn a new instrument and even further connect to the world that is music? We offer instrument tutoring to the public; we have a plethora of instruments drums, piano, woodwind instruments such as the flute and a surplus of guitars such as acoustic, bass and electric guitars, the list goes on and on! All affordable for anyone; we have a multitude of talented tutors to teach aspiring music artists in the way of their idols.

Here at Music Café, we offer young and older individuals a chance to learn something new, whether you are a student undertaking their first music class or someone who already knows how to play, It doesn’t matter – we love teaching and we want to share our knowledge with you.

Whether you are just beginning, we have starter classes which allow you to learn the basics of the instrument of your choice. Otherwise, if you already know how to play, we have classes which allow you to learn something new or to practice you’re playing skills with brilliant tutors.

Music Lessons

One-on-one music lessons are available for learning instruments, this is specifically beneficial to those with special needs and require constant interaction with the tutor in order to progress, this type of teaching isn’t just limited to them; however One-on-one music lessons are designed to help an individual improve in their own way and its effectiveness depends on the type of learner you are. Group music lessons are available for this reason, being in groups can aid the learner by having them play with a group as if it were a band, this also allows time to give feedback for any mistakes someone makes so the other members can learn to not commit these same mistakes when performing. Not only this but group sessions are perfect for higher skill levels due to being able to not just learn from the tutor but also learn from each other with different songs and riffs they could play together.

Music lessons consist of you, your tutor and the instrument of your choice; maybe sometimes a combined class where you will be with someone else learning the same instrument. Over a span of a few weeks maybe even months, you and your tutor will have gone through the basics and multiple songs where you should have learnt how to play them by then.

At the end of some tuition, we deliver exams where the student would need to show the tutor what they have learnt over the time of the course to monitor the progress they have made. Afterwards, they will be given feedback on how they did – the feedback will show the students what aspects of their playing needs to be improved. This is where the students will have the choice to continue with the course, switch instruments or stop generally. Should you choose to switch instruments; the same steps will be taken when practising the new instrument of your choice.